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The Ultimate Trout Fishing Destination In Ohio

Trout Fishing In Ohio | Best Place to Trout Fish In Ohio Ohio is a fantastic destination for trout fishing enthusiasts.  It’s filled with beautiful scenery and incredible fishing opportunities.  However, gaining access to the state’s resources can be a challenge for its residents and non-residents alike. Public land access is limited and places that do allow fishing can be run down, polluted, and unmanaged. It […]

Hunting for Trophy Ohio Whitetails

Ohio Whitetail Outfitter | Briarwood Sporting Trophy Whitetails By: Kristy Daniels  Last October I spoke of this month and how much I love it.  Truth is….this is also the month I turn into a hunting widow.  When my husband, Chris Daniels, isn’t guiding or working at the club, he’s in the stand with our kiddos.  This is our “why and how” […]

Welcome To Briarwood Sporting Club

Briarwood Sporting Club Welcome to Briarwood, where we offer the discriminating outdoorsmen a relaxing natural environment to get away from it all. If you enjoy fishing, hunting, or simply enjoy surrounding yourself in a stunning natural setting than you have come to the right place. Let Briarwood play host to leisurely and memorable days with […]

Best Ohio Fishing Club…Period 

Ohio Fishing Club Opportunities    By: Kristy Daniels    At least that’s what I think!  If you ask me WHY I think Briarwood Sporting Club is the best Ohio fishing club, I’d say it’s because we have the best members! When we purchased the club in 2008, we hadn’t the faintest clue about fishing clubs.  I grew up in Indiana, where we ate everything […]