Best Ohio Fishing Club…Period 

Ohio Fishing Club Opportunities  

 By: Kristy Daniels  

 At least that’s what I think!  If you ask me WHY I think Briarwood Sporting Club is the best Ohio fishing club, I’d say it’s because we have the best members! When we purchased the club in 2008, we hadn’t the faintest clue about fishing clubs.  I grew up in Indiana, where we ate everything we caught (think Bluegills here), and my husband Chris grew up in Florida fishing the Gulf of Mexico (don’t think Bluegills….think Tarpon and Grouper).  Neither of us knew a thing about trout or fly fishing…..Or what we were getting ourselves into!


Fast forward 9 years and we have made some incredible improvements to the club, amazing friendships, and increased our ranks with some incredible fishing club members!  We love when they stop by the office to say hello, show us pictures of the fish they caught, or better yet when they introduce us to their kids and grandkids!


Just last week, a member stopped by the office to grab a cup of coffee.  We chit-chatted for a few, and then he proceeds to say “I sent this photo to my wife along with #BestBriarwoodDayEver!  I had a blast!”. Another gentleman who’s been a member 30+ years, taught his 5 boys how to fish here, and now brings his NUMEROUS grandchildren out twice a year, every year.  This family knows how to fish Briarwood like no other!  Here’s a cute photo of one of his grandsons with a trout he caught himself.


This feedback is exactly why we offer the experiences and opportunities we do at Briarwood. Unforgettable memories for outstanding outdoorsmen and women!  

I could go on and on about our members (and I am sure I will in a future post), but to wrap this up…..Briarwood truly is a family and our members are what make it truly special. 



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