Fish Species at Briarwood

Fall is in full force here in Central Ohio, and I keep waiting for “peak” color.  I’m afraid I am not going to see what I’m hoping for.  Half the leaves are off, and the other half are some shade of yellow or still green for that matter!  Don’t know what happened with the foliage,  but one thing is for sure…..the fish are active!

I wanted to touch on what species we have at the club.  Prior to us purchasing Briarwood, the trout were stocked a few times a year.  90% of the trout caught were 1-2 lb Rainbows.  Chris and I decided we wanted to make the fishing more exciting.  We now stock a variety of trout monthly: Rainbow, Brook, Brown and Golden.  Today, for the first time, we stocked Blue trout.  These are a cool blue/ silver looking fish.  They were small (around 1 lb), but we are hoping to stock them next year when they are 2 lb+.  They’re a pretty fish and one I think the members will enjoy catching.

Stay tuned for more fish stockings and what’s going on at Briarwood.  I hope to have some photos this Spring/ Summer of Smallmouth Bass to share with you!

Enjoy what’s left of Fall, and remember to take a kid with you the next time you head outdoors!



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