The Ultimate Trout Fishing Destination In Ohio

Trout Fishing In Ohio | Best Place to Trout Fish In Ohio

Ohio is a fantastic destination for trout fishing enthusiasts.  It’s filled with beautiful scenery and incredible fishing opportunities.  However, gaining access to the states resources can be a challenge for its residents and non-residents alike. Public land access is limited and places that do allow fishing can be run down, polluted, and unmanaged. It can be a defeating issue for sportsmen who simply want to enjoy their outdoor passions and can’t (or want) to attain land of their own.  So what are the best opportunities for trout fishing in Ohio? We have one ultimate destination in mind!

The Benefit of a Fishing Community

In the beautiful state of Ohio, residents and non-residents have a popular option when looking for trout fishing opportunities: join a trout fishing community.  These communities are termed “clubs” and offer access to some of Ohio’s greatest resources. These resources can include world-class trout fishing opportunities.  These properties are well managed, appreciated by their members, and highly productive. This simply means you can guarantee to catch fish and to enjoy your time.  

However, benefits of these clubs don’t stop there. Not only do these clubs give their members a chance to experience a majestic piece of property, they also provide lodging, hospitality, and the chance to land that fish of the lifetime.  It’s every trout fishing anglers dream.  

The only catch? You have to invest in the right one.

Briarwood Trout Fishing Club

There isn’t a better place in the eastern half of the country to enjoy Mother Nature’s finest trout fishing than our very own Briarwood Sporting Club. We are considered the largest trout fishing resort east of the Mississippi, comprising 125 acres of pristine waters and breathtaking scenery. Each body of water is both stocked and regulated for a sustainable, worldclass fishery. Members are invested in the land, practicing the highest levels of conservation, and visitors have access to large variety of game fish.

Check Out The Property Map Here! 

However, fishing isn’t the only benefit of joining our Briarwood community. Our accommodations are comfortable, generous, and filled with all of your modern amenities. It’s an all-in-one destination for every outdoorsman. 

With such a high level of respect for the property, we provide an incredible experience for every angler and their family. Below, we walk you through why Briarwood is the top trout fishing destination in Ohio.

A Convenient Getaway 

Simply put, Briarwood is convenient. We are centrally located within the state of Ohio and within an hour of two major cities: Columbus and Dayton.  Our location is a convenient getaway for residents of neighboring cities, or those looking for a farther adventure but want to be in the proximity of restaurants and shopping. Many residents appreciate this convenience because it allows them to enjoy nature at its finest without investing in expensive travel costs or tedious planning.  There is also no maintenance or upkeep that would normally be found when owning a vacation property. Lodging is provided and rooms are fully furnished.  

When members come to visit, they only need to grab their essentials and not worry about anything else. Being a member means visitors are able to enjoy their dream property without any hassle or excessive expense.  Anglers can simply grab their rod and spend their free time catching fish.

The Finest Fishing 

Trout fishing is excellent at Briarwood Sporting Club

We are well known for our highquality fishingWe stock a variety of fish regularly, including a large variation of fish species not found in many other clubs. We also offer visitors a chance at some of the country’s most popular game fish.  These species include:

  • Bluegill 
  • Walleye 
  • Perch 
  • Tiger Muskie 
  • Numerous species of bass 
  • Catfish

Beautiful once in a lifetime trout fishing opportunities!

With sixteen lakes and numerous streams, we are the perfect place to catch the trophy of a lifetime.  Five species of trout are present including:

  •  Rainbow 
  • Brook 
  • Brown 
  • Golden 
  • Blue

As with any other trout fishing opportunity, each piece of water comes with its own set of challenges, keeping every angler on the tips of their toes.  

For the young and novice, there are even family-friendly fishing areas where members can use spin and casting rods. There are accommodations on site to benefit every fisherman of every level.   

Our outdoor opportunities don’t stop there.   We also offer trophy whitetail hunting.  The property is home to trophy class whitetail deer, with many in excess of 200”.  Guided hunts are available, giving sportsman not only the chance to catch a fish of their dreams, but also that buck of a lifetime.  

This is why we are the “all-inclusive” getaway for sportsmen across the country.

Other Accommodations

Members have full access to our beautiful accommodations. We have four gorgeous lodges to choose from.  Each of these lodges are secluded and pristine, allowing guests to have a relaxing and breathtaking getaway. Three of the four lodges have private fishing ponds, available only to those who are staying on site.  

As for amenities, you can also expect satellite tv, kitchenettes, wooden decks, and grilling stations. A few lodges even come with a scenic fire pit and boats for use.  

Our accommodations are perfect for getting together with friends, family, or coworkers.



Invest in Your Passion

Briarwood in the winter

Joining the right trout club is an excellent investment. It offers you the chance to enjoy your own piece of nature without the excessive expense and risk involved in owning your own property. Most importantly, it gives you the chance to experience incredible fishing at your convenience. 

Becoming a member of any club is an investment.  That’s why you want a place that offers the highest quality fishing in the most productive environment possible.  This means finding the best fishing opportunities, a clean and protected environment, and a place you can share with friends and family. That’s why you can’t find a better Ohio trout fishing club than Briarwood. With our large array of opportunity, incredible reviews, and state of the art amenities, it’s no wonder Briarwood is considered the top trout fishing destination in Ohio. 

To join Briarwood, you will need to pay an initiation fee, as well as a yearly renewal fee. As a member, you gain access to Briarwood’s waters and facilities year round.  

Be sure to grab your own piece of outdoor paradise by visiting 


Welcome To Briarwood Sporting Club

Briarwood Sporting Club

Welcome to Briarwood, where we offer the discriminating outdoorsmen a relaxing natural environment to get away from it all. If you enjoy fishing, hunting, or simply enjoy surrounding yourself in a stunning natural setting than you have come to the right place.

Let Briarwood play host to leisurely and memorable days with friends, associates, and family. For over 40 years Briarwood has been a slice of wilderness in central Ohio, embracing a relaxed and casual atmosphere of soothing fresh water amid breathtaking vistas.

Ohio Fishing Opportunities

With a majestic landmass covered with numerous lakes and trout streams, Briarwood is considered to be the largest fishing resort east of the Mississippi. Our largest artesian springs forms the headwaters for Ohio’s only natural trout stream the Mad River. We offer some of the finest fishing in the country for Brook, Brown, Golden, and Rainbow varieties of world class trout. 

With a 125 acres of lakes and streams our waters abound with 12 species of sport’s fish. Small and large mouth bass, bluegill, walleye, perch, tiger Muskie, and striper bass have all been meticulously stocked and managed to provide world class fishing opportunities.  

Membership privileges include full access to our loafing lodge on the lower streams. This clubhouse offers a restop during a lively day of fishing. It has a kitchenette, half bath, and a wood burning buck stove.  Create the perfect lure in our fly tying station or enjoy a refreshing breeze on our wrap around veranda.  

If you want to experience Mother Nature at her best then come take a boat ride on one of Briarwood’s spectacular wilderness lakes.

Ohio Hunting Opportunities

Incredible fishing and magnificent scenery is just the beginning as Briarwood Sporting Club offers world class trophy whitetail hunts in the autumn. Some of the largest whitetails in the world can be seen here traversing the grounds. Hunts are available to both fishing club members and non-members so be sure to book early for the upcoming season.

Open range whitetail hunts and turkey hunts are also now available! Whitetail hunts are semi-guided, with a Briarwood staff member taking you to the stand and picking you up on your schedule. Our hunting areas will be pre-scouted with stand locations selected based on providing the hunter the best opportunity to be successful. Turkey hunts are 3 days (guided or semi-guided based on clients request). Hunters arrive on Sunday, hunt Monday through Wednesday and depart Thursday morning. Lodging (at Briarwood), meals, beverages and field prep of your animal are included.

Briarwood Lodging 

Overnight accommodations include 4 rustic lodges, each overlooking their own lake and furnished with modern kitchens, stone fireplaces, wireless internet, satellite television, and large wooden decks complete with large outdoor grilling stations. Each distinct lodge has its own character and supplemental features.

Come see for yourself how serene wilderness combined with excellent fishing will make your visit to Briarwood the truly memorable experience of a lifetime. To become a member, make lodging reservations, or book a whitetail hunt please visit our website.