Fishing Testimonials

Rick H. "I've been a member of Briarwood since 1982 and three generations of my family have enjoyed the club . We have celebrated all four seasons there including birthdays, engagement announcements and even Thanksgiving. We keep a running record of the largest fish caught of each species and the lucky fisherman who landed them. I've enclosed pictures showing that we catch large fish and we start young in my family!"

Tom & Kelly W "One would never believe that Briarwood is only 45 minutes from Worthington. lt feels like you are many hours away from Central Ohio. We have entertained family, clients and friends as guest on the streams, lakes and lodges. We have found the grounds and lodges to be very well kept. This can be attributed to the very caring ownership and an attentive staff. This property is just as spectacular in the winter as in the summer. We have already made plans to stay in the lodges this Spring, Summer and Fall . Our experiences have been nothing but positive - we would recommend it to anyone."

dwight h

"Briarwood underwent a tremendous change when it was acquired by Chris and Kristy Daniels. As a long time member I am surprised and pleased at every visit to the club to see what new improvement has been made. It is a fantastic place to entertain business associates, friends and, oh yes, grandchildren. We all love the place."

Max H.

"Our "draw" to Briarwood was for the terrific fishing, the fabulous grounds, and of course the great lodges. It is a fantastic escape for our family to just take a quick break from the hectic schedules of work, sports practices, etc. and in 55 min be fishing, cooking out and having great chats around the fireplace back in the lodge. We have also started a family tradition of celebrating our Thanksgiving Holiday at Briarwood. Chris and Kristy along with their staff have really enhanced the experience.. We came for the fishing and hunting, but we stay for the great family experience."

Cara S"Briarwood feels like a sanctuary just 45 minutes away from home. Through our annual membership, we get to relax while letting go of any concerns toward maintenance or upkeep which comes from owning a vacation home or boat. We just pack our fishing gear, grub and we’re off! Maximum comfort is provided within each lodge and throughout the grounds. After a few decades of our family enjoying Briarwood, it just keeps getting better! Thanks Kristy and Chris."

Robin L

"The grounds, the trout streams, the lodges and the lakes--Briarwood had it all and only 45 minutes from Columbus. Chris and Kristy Daniels have made remarkable improvements modifying and adding new streams, upgrading the lodges, stocking new species in the lakes. They are committed to the success of the club evidenced by their ongoing investment throughout the property. I plan on reserving the lodges for family gatherings so all can share in the natural beauty of this magnificent setting. Briarwood has been a blessing and I look forward to years of enjoyment."