per year

7.25% Ohio Sales Tax



per year

7.25% Ohio Sales Tax

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  • *** Existing members, please contact info@briarwoodclub.com directly for all inquiries.


Briarwood Sporting Club offers two types of membership for fishing and lodge reservations. All new members must pay the one-time initiation fee, which is $1,500.00 plus 7.25% Ohio Sales Tax.


Individual Membership
The annual primary membership dues for the club are $2,700.00 per year plus 7.25% Ohio Sales Tax.
Spouses can be added for an additional $500.

Children ages 18-28 can be added for an additional $500/child. Youth memberships allow for access to the club and fishing, but do not permit lodge rental.


A group of 5 memberships, one of which is Primary.
The annual corporate membership dues for the club are $8,500 per year plus 7.25% Ohio Sales Tax.
1. A corporate membership allows 5 individuals FROM THE SAME COMPANY to receive memberships at Briarwood Sporting Club.
2. One individual will be listed as a Primary member for the corporate membership.
3. The Primary member will be responsible for maintaining the membership and its members. The Primary member is the only one who can terminate or add members to the corporate membership.
4. The other 4 individuals under the corporate membership will be given a member number and will receive all the rights and priviledges of a primary member. They will also be required to complete the member contract.
5. Upon request, we can invoice all 5 individuals of the corporate membership separately. However, if those invoices go unpaid, the primary member will receive copies of the outstanding invoices and be responsible for submitting payment to Briarwood. The primary member’s credit card must be kept on file and will assume financial responsibility for delinquent payments of any of the groups’ members.
6. The corporate Primary member will be held responsible for all negligent actions of the other 4 individuals of the corporate membership.


Briarwood Sporting Club has a capacity limit for memberships. Once the capacity limit has been reached, any potential Briarwood member can be put on a waiting list. The waiting list fee is $500 non-refundable. The $500 will be applied towards initiation fees when an opening is available.

In order to become a member one must:
1. Show proof of identity with driver’s license or state ID. A copy will be kept on file
2. Be at least 21 years of age.
3. Pay the initation fee which is a one-time charge and is non-refundable
4. Pay the membership dues for the current year.
5. Sign the rules and regulations
6. Dues are invoiced on a calendar year (January 1st – December 31st)
7. Dues will only be pro-rated for new members.
8. Existing members dues to be received by January 31st of the year invoiced. Payment received after this date will receive a 5% late fee.

All initation fees, dues, lodging, and other fees, are subject to a 7.25% Ohio Sales Tax. There will be an interest charge of 5% applied to any invoice that is 30 days past due. In the event any portion of a member’s account remains unpaid for sixty days or more after the due date, the member’s priviledges shall be suspended until their account is paid up to date.