1. We encourage all trout fisherman to keep the trout they catch. If you chose to release trout, you must use a single/barbless hook and know the proper way to release them. DO NOT REMOVE TROUT FROM WATER, if choosing to release them.

2. Only fly fisherman may release trout. All spinning rod fisherman must keep trout.

3. When fly fishing, only a single artificial dry or wet fly dressed upon a single hook is allowed. No multi hooks are allowed when angling for trout.

4. Fishermen must carry a landing net and a fishing creel when angling for trout. If you do not have one, nets and creels will be available for sale at the fish house for $12.00 each.

5. Fishermen on the streams and pools should stay at least 50 feet from each other for safety and courteous reasons.

6. At Briarwood, members will be charged by live weight for all trout. The price per pound is posted in the fish house as it may vary from season to season. Although there are no limits on trout, please observe posted limits on other species, as limits will be enforced.

7. Children under the ages of 12 years old should be accompanied by an adult at all times.

8. All fish cleaning done by Briarwood employees will cost $0.75 per fish. This applies to all fish on the property. We can only fillet and gut your fish. Members and guest are welcome to clean their own fish at the fish house free of charge. Cleaning charges will be billed to your account. Gratuities are appreciated for cleaning services.

9. Belly boats or float tube fishing will be allowed on the following lakes located on the north side of the property: Hilltop Lake, Big Pine Lake, Deer Lake, and North Lake. Persons requesting to do so must sign a release waiver provided at the office.

Spin Casting and Fly Fishing are allowed: 
Briarwood Lake, Rainbow Lake, Pine Lake, Briarwood Ponds, Hilltop Lake, Big Pine Lake, Deer Lake, North Lake and Briarwood Streams (Behind Fish House). Open to all types of Baits
**Live bait fishing is NOT allowed on Lamb Lake.**

Fly Fishing Only
Wilderness Streams, Mountain Streams and Pine Lake Streams (Single barb or barbless hook)


**All Measurements are from front of fish to tail**
**Minimum means the fish must be at least this length to keep**
**Prices for fish will be based on live weight by the pound and species, and will be posted in the Fish House**

At the request of our members, we have designated North Lake to be catch and release for all largemouth bass. Regular limits will apply in this lake on all other species. Live bait fishing will not be allowed on this lake.

Terms, conditions, and rules subject to change at any time without notice.