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Find the Best Late Season Deer Hunting in Ohio

Tips for Late Season Deer Hunting

Late season deer hunting is one of those things that can really separate people. After all, it can be a very challenging time to hunt whitetails. Freezing weather, hammering winds, and snow are all an increasing possibility the later in the season that you hunt, and nobody likes to hunt in those conditions, no matter what they tell their friends. At the same time, deer have likely been hunted and pressured for weeks or even months of the deer hunting season, which can put them on high alert – that is especially true with mature bucks. But there is an upside. In the right areas, on the right properties, and using the right hunting tactics, you can be successful hunting deer in the late season. Here’s why that’s especially true in Ohio, and here at Briarwood Sporting Club.

Why Ohio for Late Season Deer Hunting?

Honestly, it’s the same answer for hunting deer any other time of the year. Ohio has the perfect mix of habitat and food for whitetails to thrive and reach their full potential. Overall, there is a large amount of food in the form of row crops (primarily corn and soybeans), which fuel the body size and antler growth you’d expect from such an area. Mixed in with these agricultural fields are stretches of mixed hardwood forests (e.g., oaks, maples, hickory, etc.). These woods offer hard mast in the fall and good cover the rest of the year. In rolling terrain, the forested slopes also provide excellent bedding opportunities surrounding the flat ag fields.

One potential benefit to late season Ohio deer hunting is also a drawback. Most of Ohio consists of private land – that can be good in the fact that many adjoining landowners can join together in a cooperative to let the deer herd grow to a higher standard (i.e., bigger bucks), but the downside is that it can be tough to find a public hunting spot or get permission on private land. Fortunately, the Briarwood Sporting Club provides the best of both worlds.

Late Season Deer Hunting Tips

With all that said, here are several late deer season tips that you can utilize almost anywhere. But they’re especially helpful in Ohio and here on our own property, whether you choose open range or guided deer hunts.

  • Focus on evening food. It usually pays off to focus on food sources (e.g., picked ag fields, standing corn/beans, etc.) and the best time of day to hunt late season deer is definitely the evening. After the rut, bucks are weary and need food, and the colder weather tends to get them on their feet earlier in the afternoons. Positioning yourself on one of these field edges could be the ticket to encountering a giant buck in the late season. 
  • Hunt in covered/enclosed blinds if possible. Mature bucks have likely been harassed a bit throughout the fall, and may be a bit spooky. The more you can hide your silhouette, scent, and sounds, the better chance you have of actually pulling the trigger on a big deer. 
  • Head to the cover in heavily pressured areas. In some areas of Ohio where you see a lot of public or private hunting pressure, deer may avoid open fields in daylight and prefer to stick to the thick cover. Edging in closer to bedding areas and traditional sanctuary areas could be risky, but not for late season deer hunting when you don’t have much time left anyway. 
  • Give up the late season deer calling and scents. In most places, the bucks have seen and heard it all up to this point, and might get skittish about it. It’s better to rely on a good tree stand or blind position instead. 
  • Get mobile. If you’re doing some late season big woods deer hunting with a lot of room to roam, consider tracking and stalking a buck instead. You can sometimes sneak right up on them if the conditions are right. 

If done the right way using the tips above, late season deer hunting can be a great way to get a shot at a mature buck of a lifetime.


Why Briarwood?

That brings us to the next point. Why consider hunting at Briarwood Sporting Club? As we said, it can be hard to get access to hunting land in our state, but we have access to our own amazing property and several others nearby. We have two options for whitetail deer hunting. You can choose to hunt open range deer on one of the local properties in Logan County to which we have exclusive hunting rights. Or you can go on guided whitetail deer hunts right here on our estate. The open range properties offer a wonderful mix of habitat and food, and you have a great chance at harvesting a deer on one of them. Our own trophy whitetail estate offers you the rare chance to encounter 200+ inch whitetails, which is unheard of in most of the country, making us an amazing deer hunting outfitter choice.

Chris with a 160 4/8’s free range ohio late season buck from Briarwood.

How Did This Late Season Hunt Go Down?

  • Nov. 17- Chris found Briarwood by searching for “open range whitetail hunt in Ohio” and immediately requested the open range packet.
  • Nov. 19- The packet is sent and Chris is contacted shortly after. Chris wanted to hunt during Ohio’s firearms season on Nov. 26. We already sold out of Ohio open range gun season hunts so we booked him for a late season hunt during Dec. 12-16.
  • Dec 13th, the evening of the second day of his hunt, Chris scores this 160 inch buck!

Outfitter Reviews and Why You Should Read Them

The Importance of Selecting the Right Outfitter

Hunting outfitters are all the rage.  They offer incredible accommodations, stress free adventure, and the chance to harvest that buck of a lifetime. It’s no wonder across the country people are seeking out the perfect outfit to use. However, with anything, not all hunting outfitters are created equal.

Nor are they cheap.  In fact, many hunters invest thousands of dollars in an experience that leaves them without a harvest, a good night’s sleep, or without a smile on their face.  The worst part? They can’t get their money back.

Therefore it’s obvious that finding the right outfitter can be a challenge. Our outfitter selection guide goes through each individual factor that creates a quality experience.  However, it doesn’t cover how to know these outfits actually have those qualities.

That’s why it’s important for every hunter to do their research before booking. Research can include many things; but the best research can often come directly from testimonials and reviews.

Of course, not all reviews are created equal either.  That’s why it’s important to read the details, understand the source they came from, while also understanding individual expectations. Below we have compiled a detailed guide on navigating reviews that will help you through your hunting outfitter selection.

Finding Accurate Reviews

Before using reviews as a reliable source of information, it’s important first to check their validity.  This means checking their source website, their date, and analyzing the writer. In general, detailed reviews are the best reviews, as long as they are authentic.

Beneficial reviews can come from a variety of sources including: 

  • Website testimonials 
  • Review Based sites such as Facebook Business Pages 
  • Social Media 
  • Google 
  • Forums 

By looking through these resources, hunters can get unbiased, quality information about their prospective destinations.


Website Testimonials 

Website testimonials are a great way to get a detailed representation of an experience.  Although only the best are selected, they tend to be full of details ranging from hospitality to guide friendliness.

When in doubt of review authenticity, reach out to the resort owners to gather contact information of the testimonial giver.  Often times, they are more than willing to share!

Review Sites 

Although website testimonials are a great way to find out the details; looking around the internet can also confirm validity and give a different perspective. We recommend looking at many different sources when gathering information from review sites.

 This includes:

  • Google 
  • Facebook 
  • The Business Bureau 
  • Hunting Forums 

Below is an example of a Google review.

Reviews on these sites are not screened by the resort and are often very complementary information to the website.

Watch Social Media Content

Social media content is a great way to see “real life” action photos, video and reviews.  Not only can you see what people are saying about the outfitter on platforms such as Facebook, but as previously mentioned, you can also search for what other people are saying about them.


It also allows prospective guests to reach out to recent visitors, be mesmerized by the photos, and get a “real” feel for the environment. Social media is a great way to get on demand, real life references when seeking out the best outfitter.

Check the Dates 

The final piece of advice is to check the dates. As with many businesses, ownership, environment, and harvest rates change overtime.  That’s why it’s important to read recent and up-to-date reviews instead of just assuming anything and everything is legitimate.

Analyzing the Details to Find the Right Outfitter

After you’ve considered where your sources have come from; it’s time to go through them and analyze the details of the outfitter.

Often time’s people rave (or complain) about their outfitting experiences online.  From cleanliness to personalities, much of the most beneficial information comes from reading the opinions of others who have been there.

Factors to look for in and in-depth review include: 

  • Accommodations 
  • Atmosphere 
  • Hospitality 
  • Deer Management 
  • Additional Attractions 

Of course, the more specific the better.  Below is an example of a detailed review.

I have hunted Briarwood Sporting Club since 2012 sharing the experience with multiple family members. I have had the pleasure of hunting across North America many times for whitetail deer but none compare to the hunting grounds, rolling hills and scenic views that this club offers. Briarwood has world class whitetail deer with unbelievable genetics, exceptional lodges and a professional staff. Having the opportunity to fish with my Dad after the morning hunts was priceless. I would highly recommend Briarwood to anyone looking for a phenomenal hunting experience!” – Jeff M

Instead of just mentioning the deer harvested, he also highlighted the views, professionalism, and hospitality of the club.  These are all important when investing money into an outfit. So although he “recommended” Briarwood, the real quality lies within the details of his testimonial.

Below are factors that should be discussed in every detailed review.


Accommodations are an important part of any experience. From cleanliness of the establishment to the available amenities; often times reading the details is the best identifier for what to expect.

Common and beneficial topics discussed in reviews include:

  • Food quality 
  • Cleanliness 
  • Space 
  • Hospitality 

These types of topics are often not addressed by the owners, on the website, or even by individuals who recommend it.

However, they are incredibly important and can usually be found when reading reputable reviews.


For example, people will often discuss the condition, cleanliness, and practicality of the accommodations.  If the room seemed dirty, worn, or at all uncomfortable, reviewers will let it be known. As a hunter, it’s important that accommodations outside of the hunt are exceptional, and this is the best way to confirm that.


When reading through reviews, it’s also important to gauge the “atmosphere”. The atmosphere is essentially the environment, hospitality, and general feeling experienced at the outfitter.  Determine the quality of the host(s), the guides, and the workers. A grumpy guide or host can make an outfitting experience terrible, no matter how good the actual deer hunting is.

Deer Management and Quality

The quality of the deer herd and its management can be misleading.  Often time’s prospective visitors will see photos of clients with massive deer and assume they will harvest the same thing. This is often not the case for a few reasons:

  • Photos don’t always come from the property they are advertising 
  • Photos can be very outdated (with no mention of the date) 
  • Photos are often of a guide’s historical success, not clients

Again, this is where reviews can help separate false expectations from reality. It allows the hunter to get a better idea of the actual hunt then relying on a vague photo. Knowing if recent guests have had success is incredibly important before committing to an outfitter.

Additional Attractions


Finally, it’s important to consider the quality (or use) of the resorts attractions.  This is important for a number of reasons, but one big one is because of party hunting.

Hunting in a group often means one or two hunters tag out before the others.   This can lead to a lot of down time for those individuals. However, there is no need to sit around and do nothing, especially after forking out thousands for an experience, not just a harvest. Instead, look for reviews on outfitters additional attractions.  For example, Briarwood offers world class fishing, complementary to its guided hunting. This is a fantastic addition to the outfitting experience.

Finding the Perfect Outfitter this Deer Season

It’s obvious that reviews are an incredible resource when finding the best outfitter for your goals this fall.  That’s why at Briarwood, we pride ourselves in our guest’s absolute satisfaction. Across the internet, you can find high quality, recent reviews on hunters overwhelming success and satisfaction with every adventure. We recommend you check out our reviews on Google, Facebook, and right here on our own site.

They are a freely available source of information every hunter should use before booking their next adventure.  We also recommend you check out our guide on what to look for when picking the perfect outfitter this season.

The Experience of Hunting at Briarwood Sporting Club

The Experience of Hunting at Briarwood | What Separates Us From the Rest?

Are you looking for a trophy whitetail hunt of a lifetime? Any whitetail outfitter’s website will tell you they offer the biggest deer in the state or even the world! That is not surprising…but are they missing their mark? Is that really what you are looking for? Whether you are chasing that buck of a lifetime alone, hunting with a group of lifelong friends, or looking for that elite level corporate hunting trip, the experience is the thing that you are looking for. Sure 200”+ whitetails are the target, but the experience of the hunting trip is what actually makes the memories. While offering the biggest deer in the world is common, offering the best trophy whitetail hunting experience is not. At Briarwood Sporting Club, we not only have the largest whitetails but hands down the best first-class hunting experience amongst whitetail outfitters.

Understanding the Price of a Trophy Deer Hunt

When it comes to shopping for a trophy deer hunt, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. While the prices can vary from outfitter to outfitter, the difference will often be noted not in the quality of deer, but the experience of the hunt. This is why Briarwood Sporting Club brings added value that no other outfitter can fulfill. What is this added value? While the experience, setting, amenities, and accommodations might be hard to sum up with words and pictures, the experience itself will be realized after just a few short hours in Briarwood’s estate. Hunters experiencing the first-class hunting and service understand what set’s Briarwood above other outfitters. This is evident when most hunters become repeat hunters, booking the next hunt within the first year after leaving the estate with trophy in tow!

Know that the experience alone will pay for the trip, and you will leave overly satisfied and excited for your next trip at Briarwood!

First-Class from the Beginning

If you are searching for trophy whitetail outfitters, then you are looking for a top-notch experience right out of the gate. We know you are searching for the best habitat and properties hunting has to offer, the biggest deer, the most luxurious transportation, the most personable whitetail guides, exquisite food, and modern yet rustic lodging accommodations.
Briarwood Sporting Club satisfies these needs and goes beyond expectations in every aspect of the hunt, including pick up and drop off service. The trip to Briarwood is absent of long drives to the airport, checking in, security lines, wondering if your gun will arrive with you, and paying for drinks. Your hunt starts when you climb aboard a corporate jet piloted by none other than the owner of Briarwood, Chris Daniels. He will provide your private transportation that sets the tone for your entire three-day luxury hunt. When you are ready to head home, Chris can have you on your way within an hour!
The hunt and interactions with your guide will be one-on-one, the accommodations of Briarwood are finely honed for your pleasure, relaxation, and experience of adventure.

After the journey, you arrive at Briarwood. Once there, you immediately become immersed in a natural and pristine habitat. You will notice secluded nooks of food plots and wildlife openings, mature hardwoods, wilderness meadows, lakes, streams, and of course private rustic lodges.

The feeling of wilderness will continue as you arrive at your lodging accommodation. Pine Lake Lodge sits tucked away in opines overlooking a private lake. The lodge offers all the comforts of home with the addition of a rustic feeling of adventure and wilderness hunting.
After settling in, you will be treated to a quiet evening around a fire. The lodge provides a quiet and relaxing outside fire pit as well as a fireplace inside the lodge.
Just when you start to feel hungry the Briarwood staff will bring out expertly crafted food. The laughter and comradeship over the crackling wood will quickly fade into the night as you prepare for the first day of hunting.

Your first impressions of Briarwood will quickly be confirmed as you head out on your first day of hunting. While heading towards your stand or blind with your guide, you will quickly notice the scenery while traversing across a spectacular environment. As the hunt continues the realm and presence of trophy whitetails in the ideal setting for the hunt of a lifetime will be realized.

For the second day of hunting, you quickly explore options for other stand locations, or ponder the idea of a spot and stalk hunt for a face-to-face encounter with a giant whitetail!
As you hunt climaxes in an unbelievable adrenaline filled moment with a 200”+ whitetail, you will be surprised at the detailed end of hunt standards your guide will take care of. In addition to the after hunt pictures, ramblings, and gloating, you will enjoy continued first-class service.
If you need a break from hunting, or wish to enjoy the other opportunities of Briarwood, hunters are given access to world-class fishing and bird hunting. The opportunities complement your experience of Briarwood well, giving access to the full scope of what Briarwood offers.
Briarwood Sporting Club takes pride in successful hunts, happy hunters, and remarks on an experience that exceeds expectations. Again, owner Chris Daniels complete your trip home on a corporate jet, ensuring you and your trophy arrive home safely. Don’t be surprised to hear back from guides and staff as the service continues after the hunt to ensure your memory stays with you for years to come.
Briarwood not only offers to you trophy whitetail hunts, but more so a total experience that will shock even the most experienced sportsmen. The experience will leave you satisfied, and excited to book your next hunt! The invitation is always present to book a hunt with Briarwood or become a fishing club member to enjoy the scenery, lakes, and streams.
For more information on trophy whitetail outfitting, or private fishing club membership, click the link below.