The Experience of Hunting at Briarwood Sporting Club

The Experience of Hunting at Briarwood | What Separates Us From the Rest?

Are you looking for a trophy whitetail hunt of a lifetime? Any whitetail outfitter’s website will tell you they offer the biggest deer in the state or even the world! That is not surprising…but are they missing their mark? Is that really what you are looking for? Whether you are chasing that buck of a lifetime alone, hunting with a group of lifelong friends, or looking for that elite level corporate hunting trip, the experience is the thing that you are looking for. Sure 200”+ whitetails are the target, but the experience of the hunting trip is what actually makes the memories. While offering the biggest deer in the world is common, offering the best trophy whitetail hunting experience is not. At Briarwood Sporting Club, we not only have the largest whitetails but hands down the best first-class hunting experience amongst whitetail outfitters.

Understanding the Price of a Trophy Deer Hunt

When it comes to shopping for a trophy deer hunt, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. While the prices can vary from outfitter to outfitter, the difference will often be noted not in the quality of deer, but the experience of the hunt. This is why Briarwood Sporting Club brings added value that no other outfitter can fulfill. What is this added value? While the experience, setting, amenities, and accommodations might be hard to sum up with words and pictures, the experience itself will be realized after just a few short hours in Briarwood’s estate. Hunters experiencing the first-class hunting and service understand what set’s Briarwood above other outfitters. This is evident when most hunters become repeat hunters, booking the next hunt within the first year after leaving the estate with trophy in tow!

Know that the experience alone will pay for the trip, and you will leave overly satisfied and excited for your next trip at Briarwood!

First-Class from the Beginning

If you are searching for trophy whitetail outfitters, then you are looking for a top-notch experience right out of the gate. We know you are searching for the best habitat and properties hunting has to offer, the biggest deer, the most luxurious transportation, the most personable whitetail guides, exquisite food, and modern yet rustic lodging accommodations.
Briarwood Sporting Club satisfies these needs and goes beyond expectations in every aspect of the hunt, including pick up and drop off service. The trip to Briarwood is absent of long drives to the airport, checking in, security lines, wondering if your gun will arrive with you, and paying for drinks. Your hunt starts when you climb aboard a corporate jet piloted by none other than the owner of Briarwood, Chris Daniels. He will provide your private transportation that sets the tone for your entire three-day luxury hunt. When you are ready to head home, Chris can have you on your way within an hour!
The hunt and interactions with your guide will be one-on-one, the accommodations of Briarwood are finely honed for your pleasure, relaxation, and experience of adventure.

After the journey, you arrive at Briarwood. Once there, you immediately become immersed in a natural and pristine habitat. You will notice secluded nooks of food plots and wildlife openings, mature hardwoods, wilderness meadows, lakes, streams, and of course private rustic lodges.

The feeling of wilderness will continue as you arrive at your lodging accommodation. Pine Lake Lodge sits tucked away in opines overlooking a private lake. The lodge offers all the comforts of home with the addition of a rustic feeling of adventure and wilderness hunting.
After settling in, you will be treated to a quiet evening around a fire. The lodge provides a quiet and relaxing outside fire pit as well as a fireplace inside the lodge.
Just when you start to feel hungry the Briarwood staff will bring out expertly crafted food. The laughter and comradeship over the crackling wood will quickly fade into the night as you prepare for the first day of hunting.

Your first impressions of Briarwood will quickly be confirmed as you head out on your first day of hunting. While heading towards your stand or blind with your guide, you will quickly notice the scenery while traversing across a spectacular environment. As the hunt continues the realm and presence of trophy whitetails in the ideal setting for the hunt of a lifetime will be realized.

For the second day of hunting, you quickly explore options for other stand locations, or ponder the idea of a spot and stalk hunt for a face-to-face encounter with a giant whitetail!
As you hunt climaxes in an unbelievable adrenaline filled moment with a 200”+ whitetail, you will be surprised at the detailed end of hunt standards your guide will take care of. In addition to the after hunt pictures, ramblings, and gloating, you will enjoy continued first-class service.
If you need a break from hunting, or wish to enjoy the other opportunities of Briarwood, hunters are given access to world-class fishing and bird hunting. The opportunities complement your experience of Briarwood well, giving access to the full scope of what Briarwood offers.
Briarwood Sporting Club takes pride in successful hunts, happy hunters, and remarks on an experience that exceeds expectations. Again, owner Chris Daniels complete your trip home on a corporate jet, ensuring you and your trophy arrive home safely. Don’t be surprised to hear back from guides and staff as the service continues after the hunt to ensure your memory stays with you for years to come.
Briarwood not only offers to you trophy whitetail hunts, but more so a total experience that will shock even the most experienced sportsmen. The experience will leave you satisfied, and excited to book your next hunt! The invitation is always present to book a hunt with Briarwood or become a fishing club member to enjoy the scenery, lakes, and streams.
For more information on trophy whitetail outfitting, or private fishing club membership, click the link below.
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