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By: Kristy Daniels 

Last October I spoke of this month and how much I love it.  Truth is….this is also the month I turn into a hunting widow.  When my husband, Chris Daniels, isn’t guiding or working at the club, he’s in the stand with our kiddos.  This is our “why and how” we landed in Central Ohio: Deer Hunting! It is what also lead us to now have one of the best Ohio whitetail outfitters in the state, a true trophy whitetail experience like no other!


Earlier this year, we decided to take the leap and lease ground around Logan County.  We now have the exclusive hunting rights on several large tracts of land.  What does that mean exactly?  Briarwood now offers free range hunts!  It’s an exciting move for us, and one that we’ve mulled over for quite some time. 

Bottom line: Hunters stay at Briarwood.  Our guides take them to the free range property and stands.  Hunters have the opportunity to see/ harvest a mature Whitetail buck on carefully managed land! 

We take care of everything.  Yes, everything.  You don’t have to plant food plots, check trail cameras, or worry about where to place your stand.  It’s all done.  Hunters show up ready to hit the woods….It’s really that simple! 

Below are some photos of the deer we’ve been seeing on these properties….


Interested?  Want to see more photos?  Check out the scouting page on our website. 

We guarantee a first class experience….all you have to do is pray to the deer gods that a nice 10 point will walk in front of you! 

Happy October and good luck! 




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