Looking for Muskie Fishing in Ohio?

Ohio Tiger Muskie Fishing at Briarwood Sporting Club

Ohio might not be thought of for record muskellunge, or thought of as even a destination for Muskie fishing, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be! The Ohio fishing club, Briarwood Sporting Club might just become that destination for Ohio!

Briarwood stocked tiger Muskie in late 2014. They were introduced in Briarwood Lake at just the right density in order to grow to their maximum potential.

The Muskie were 9 inches long in 2014, and after 3.5 years the ideal habitat has produced some incredible fish that are only getting bigger! The Muskie on the left was caught last year, while the Muskie on the right was from this year, both have been released to grow and for another angler to enjoy!

This 40″ Muskie was caught this summer and released.

Beside tiger Muskie, Briarwood Sporting Club offers several other fish species in its 16 lakes, including streams offering great fly fishing for trout. With a Briarwood Sporting Club membership you also gain access to top notch accommodations including beautiful lodges. You also gain access to the private loafing lodge that includes a fly tying station and offers you a secluded break from fishing.

Check out all of the different fish species Briarwood Sporting Club offers below!

If you are looking for Muskie fishing in Ohio, or an Ohio fishing club to join that offers excellent fishing Briarwood Sporting Club is the place for you!

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