Why Businesses Need Outdoor Corporate Retreats

Why Your Business Might Need an Outdoor Corporate Retreat

It’s no secret that the American workplace is changing. Once a place of cramped desks, poor lighting, and little privacy; the modern workplace is evolving into a flexible and creative atmosphere. Employees demand quality working conditions, better treatment, and environments conducive to productivity. In fact, research shows these changes to boost productivity and creativity. With these changes also comes a new movement towards a better employer-employee relationship.

Corporate retreats are part of this movement and are intended to improve overall workplace relations. They are a great way to improve the overall workplace atmosphere for a number of reasons. These include:

• Improving workplace relationships
• Reducing employee stress
• Showing employee appreciation
• Reducing negative competition
• Adding new employee incentives
• Showing favor with public perception

Corporate retreats can be used to brainstorm ideas, develop goals, work on major projects, improve business to business relations, seal the deal on huge proposals, and simply escape the traditional work environment. No matter the reason, there is a benefit to everyone.

• Improve Work Place Relationships

One of the biggest benefits of a holding a corporate retreat is improving workplace relations. This means relationships between managers and staff, between individual employees, and between employer and employee. By getting workers out of their high stress and hierarchy environment they can build healthier relationships with their fellow coworkers. This leads to increased teamwork and a better sense of overall purpose.

• Recruit New Employees

It’s important to attract quality workers. Of course, these workers are in demand. This means businesses have to compete for these employees and their skillsets. Having corporate retreats is a great incentive to attract these workers by showing them that they would be part of a modern, employee-centered workplace.

Corporate retreats are also a great way to excite and encourage newly hired employees. It starts new employees off with an encouraging attitude toward the future of their job. Because of these types of incentives, they may also recommend future openings to friends or family. This can help eliminate job searching resources in the future while helping add confidence in hiring quality workers.

• Give Corporations a Good Reputation

Employee centered businesses tend to have a good reputation. These companies that are spoken highly about also tend to show favor to the public. In today’s societies, public opinion matters. With social media, workplace conditions have become public knowledge. People who are happy with their job tend to share it. This builds public awareness of the company and its reputation.

People are more likely to invest in businesses that are environmentally sustainable, contribute to local causes, and treat their employees well. By providing exciting opportunities and investing in employee health, businesses can gain greater recognition and support from potential customers and clients.

• Rewards Hard Work

One of the best ways to retain hard-working employees is to reward them. However, not every job well-done needs to be a payout. Often times bonuses, pay raises, and promotions can lead to office place conflict among workers. Therefore, instead of using these traditional incentives, try to reward them as a team. A great way to achieve this is through a corporate retreat.

The right retreats can offer employees an opportunity they may not have otherwise been able to afford. This can give them a chance to unwind from work and home stress while showing appreciation for a job well done. These types of activities lead to longer employee retention. Longer employee retention means less time and energy spent on hiring and teaching new individuals. Therefore, by retaining quality employees for longer, businesses are able to save money, improve productivity, and increase loyalty among workers and their employers.

• Improve Workplace Environment

With all of the above points mentioned, it’s obvious that corporate retreats are a great way to improve the overall corporate environment. These retreats can help productivity, increase comradery, and reward hard-working employees. A better environment tends to mean better workers which leads to a greater profit. Therefore, it’s worth investing in these retreats.

Finding The Right Destination

The success of a retreat will depend on the destination. When picking out a destination quality matters. Quality means escaping the office environment and city chaos for a change of scenery. The destination should also be inclusive so employees don’t have to worry about excess packing or amenities. Employees should feel comfortable, not staying at a rundown or primitive accommodation. There should be plenty of creative space where workers can be able to find both mental stimulation and relaxation. Although this can sound like a challenging place to find, the outdoors is the ideal setting. An outdoor retreat, specifically a hunting and fishing retreat can be an ideal getaway for your business and it’s employees and partnerships.

Briarwood Sporting Club | The Ideal Outdoor Corporate Retreat

The Briarwood Sporting Club offers adventure, relaxation, gorgeous scenery, fantastic amenities and more. Situated in the country between major cities, it’s the perfect pristine destination for those looking to escape the business of the cities. It’s surrounded by hardwood forests, world-class fishing opportunities, and even trophy whitetail hunting for those who wish to pursue it. Its incredible views and relaxing atmosphere make it a perfect destination for busy corporations who need to “get away from it all”. If businesses decide to work while on the retreat; they will also have incredible lodging and Wi-Fi amenities to assure that they can both “work hard and play hard” while they are there. This is the ideal place to create both a getaway and a high-class impression upon an improving relationship. The trip to Briarwood Sporting Club is absent of long drives to the airport, checking in, security lines, as the outdoor retreat begins when boarding a private corporate jet.

From the Jet, you immediately set foot in Briarwood Sporting Club’s wild and luxurious environment. The accommodations offer four large cabins to choose from. These lakefront lodges are fully furnished with modern amenities, including kitchens, Wi-Fi, and DirectTV. Some are even equipped with grilling stations and pool tables for added convenience and recreation. They also offer group areas, for larger gatherings or meetings. There are numerous private ponds and trails for those who need tranquility. Of course, there are also incredible outdoor opportunities for those who thrive with adventure. It’s a perfect destination for busy corporations who need a low stress, yet productive environment.

That’s why it’s first-class accommodations and world-class outdoor, hunting, and fishing opportunities make Briarwood Sporting Club a perfect all-in-one destination to escape the daily grind or build important business relationships. It’s the perfect destination for any business’s corporate outdoor retreat.

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