Stringing Up: Top Tips for Early Season Bow Hunting

Top 5 Early Season Bow Hunting Tips

Get a jump on the whitetail season and plan to hunt during the opener – no need to wait for the rut when some simple planning can get you that Ohio trophy whitetail in the early season. Don’t simply count on things to fall into place – mother nature can be a fierce foe, and combined with lack of preparation, losing sight of the details, and faulty gear, the odds are stacked against you.

Our team here at Briarwood Sporting Club, a premiere Ohio deer outfitter, has compiled these 5 top tips for early season bow hunting that are critical to maximizing success.

Carefully choose and map your hunting site.

Without a doubt, where you plan to hunt is the most important factor assuming you have done your preparation otherwise. Look for well-used deer trails and mineral sites, food and water sources, and note the bedding to feeding routes. Look for travel patterns and plan for both a site entrance and exit strategy to minimize spooking deer. And you must remember prevailing wind patterns as well as tree cover around your stand to minimize your presence. Lastly, know your orientation of north, south, east and west so you can check wind direction prior to entering the field.

Plan your stand location with all factors carefully considered – especially sight lines, wind and cover.

Use a game cam, or multiple cams.

Pictures don’t lie. Game cams will not only tell you where your trophy animals are, but can tell you time, direction and movement patterns. Minimize site disturbances by only checking cams and changing SD cards when necessary. When possible, use cameras which send images to your phone or computer.

A perfectly positioned game cam can make the difference between hunting and harvesting  

Don’t assume your equipment is hunt ready and safe.

Nothing could be worse than getting to your hunting site and learning something is wrong, unsafe, or missing relative to your gear. Hopefully by now you have checked your bow, broadheads, quiver and sight for optimal function. Check your tree stand, harness and ratchet straps for function, safety, and stability. Camo gear still fit? Scent masker plentiful and fresh? Field dressing kit ready? And don’t count on your memory – make a list and check it three times before each hunt.

Shoot, practice, shoot and practice some more.

Nothing can replace shooting time with your bow. Nothing. Make a habit out of practice and try to master the long shots of 10-20 yards further than what you think you may have to make for that trophy shot. Also, practice for that ‘quick aim and shoot’ since the chance for the perfectly still and positioned deer are not likely, or not likely for more than a couple seconds. Practice shooting situations, angles and stances now and it can pay off later.

Use a rangefinder and map your shot distances.

A rangefinder replaces speculation and even the best estimating skill. After all, the cost is well justified when you consider your investment of time and money to this point. Use it at your site pre-hunt and map out landscape markers for various distances. Make a written note of what those markers and distances are rather than counting on memory at the critical shot moment.

Come hunt with us at Briarwood for Ohio trophy whitetails. We will make your bow or gun hunting experience one of a lifetime and reduce a great deal of the planning, safety concerns, and guesswork!  Unique experiences coupled with the perfect natural habitat create the ideal setting for whitetail deer hunting. Many years have been invested in compiling the best whitetail genetics to provide our clients with the largest whitetail in North America. On our guided hunts, one can expect to see several bucks in excess of 200” and have the opportunity to harvest the “Buck of a Lifetime”. Visit contact for complete details and a special offer.

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