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Ohio Fishing Club | Fish Species at Briarwood Sporting Club

By Kristy Daniels

Fall is in full force here in Central Ohio, and I keep waiting for “peak” color.  I’m afraid I am not going to see what I’m hoping for.  Half the leaves are off, and the other half are some shade of yellow or still green for that matter!  Don’t know what happened with the foliage, but one thing is for sure…..the fish are active! I wanted to touch on what fish species we have at Briarwood Sporting club. One thing is for sure, we have a come a long way to become a topnotch Ohio fishing club! We now offer fishing for a variety of fish species.

Trout Species

Prior to us purchasing Briarwood, the trout were stocked a few times a year.  90% of the trout caught were 1-2 lb Rainbows.  Chris and I decided we wanted to make the fishing more exciting.  We now stock a variety of trout monthly: Rainbow, Brook, Brown, and Golden.  Today, for the first time, we stocked Blue trout.  These are a cool blue/ silver looking fish.  They were small (around 1 lb), but we are hoping to stock them next year when they are 2 lb+.  They’re a pretty fish and one I think the members will enjoy catching.

Rainbow trout on left and Blue Trout on right 

Blue Trout

Brook Trout – I LOVE this photo taken by one of our members

Rainbow Trout

Golden Trout

Other Fish Species at Briarwood

We have improved our lake fishing tremendously over the last 9 years.  We’ve added Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Walleye, Hybrid Striped Bass, Black Crappie and Tiger Muskie.  In addition, we have stocked feeder fish including Shiners and Minnows.  It has been fun watching them grow.  We often have to make them catch and release for a period so they have time to mature.








Left: Catfish stocked in 2011 Right: Recent Catfish










Left: Tiger Muskie stocked in 2014 Right: Muskie caught in 2017










Left: Hybrid Striped bass stocked in 2014 Right: Striper caught in 2017


2017 Perch from the North Lake     


Largemouth Bass

Briarwood Lakes and Streams

Of course, all of these fish species have to go somewhere! Here is a quick summary of the fishing locations we offer at Briarwood.  


Experience “Mother Nature at her best” while taking in Briarwood’s spectacular wilderness lakes. Water among pastoral backdrops is the theme here, and with 125 acres of lakes, one will never thirst for splendor. Take up the rod and reel in some of Ohio’s deepest bodies of water and catch yourself a Small or Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Walleye, Perch, Catfish, Tiger Muskie or Stripers.


Briarwood offers some of the finest dry fly fishing in the country, as natural hatches of aquatic insects occur regularly. Our spring fed streams are regularly stocked with Brown, Brook, Golden, and Rainbow trout. Briarwood has a series of 4 different stream sets, providing plenty of space and diversity, and a special trout fishing area for families with children. Our family fishing areas provide adults an opportunity to introduce fishing to kids and allows them to use easier spin casting rods.


The atmosphere here at Briarwood is very relaxed and casual. For your convenience, we have four rustic lodges, each located on its own private lake. Furnished with DirecTV satellite, modern kitchens, massive stone fireplaces, recreation equipment, and large wooden decks complete with outdoor grilling stations. 



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